Merchandise is shipped via  U.S. Postal Service

We attempt to ship same or next day.  If an item is ordered on a Saturday  or Sunday it won't be shipped until Monday.

When we fill out the shipping information to print out the Postage you will get a email with the USPS Tracking number.

We try and keep shipping costs to an absolute minimum.  That's why when you receive your package it's not in a fancy box with our name printed on it.

We try & reuse whenever possible.  We use the free USPS Priority Mail packaging or get  boxes from local business that would otherwise have to pay for their disposal.  It benefits everyone.

We try and reuse other packing materials also.  Peanuts, Cardboard inserts, etc.

You save because we don't have to buy much in the way of 
packing materials and factor that in our pricing.

Our local stores save on their trash collection fees.
The environment saves because it's that much less that has to go into a landfill.

We don't just use any boxes or 
other packing materials, they must be clean and sturdy.   Any shipping material we receive from others must meet our high standards.