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Set of 4 Fire King Johnny Hart 's BC Cereal Bowls (071KC)

This is a set of 4 Fire King cereal bowls with characters from the Johnny Hart comic strip BC on them. 
The BC comic strip was created by Johnny Hart in 1958 and he continued to draw the comic until he died of a stroke working at his storyboard in April 2007. 
They measure 2 " tall and 4 3/4" in diameter or 5 3/8" if you measure from the handles. All 4 have the same same characters on them. They are in excellent condition.

3 are Perfect with no chips or cracks The 4th one has what could be a very small chip or maybe it's a manufacturing defect near one handle. If you run your finger over it its smooth not sharp like a chip should feel like.

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Vintage Coca-Cola Tiffany Stained Glasses in Original Libby Net Set Packaging (175CM)

A great addition to a Coca-Cola collection! 

4 VIntage Coca Cola Tiffany Style Stained Glass 16 oz glasses still in the original Libby Net Set packaging.

I'm guessing by the code P-179 on the back of the tag they were manufactured in January 1979 at the Owens Illinois Libby Glasswear, Toledo Ohio plant.  Glasses are in the original plastic netting with the hang tag holding the netting closed.

Glasses and netting are perfect condition, the tag has a couple of creases and still has the original price tag of $1.95.


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Fire King CB'er Coffee mug (064CM)

This is a Anchor Hocking Fire King Coffee Mug with all the CB lingo & the meanings on it. Words like "Smokey Bear" A State Policeman, "Truck 'Em Easy" Have a Good Trip "Front Door" Lead truck of several running together "Mama Bear" Female Police Officer. Mug is 3 1/2" tall and 3" in diameter and in excellent condition. No chips Scratches or wear

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Mid Century Modern Anchor Hocking Honey Gold Chip & Dip Set (083KC)

This is a Mid Century Modern Anchor Hocking 3 piece Honey Gold Chip & Dip Set in it's original box. 
It has a 8" bowl to hold the chips and a 4 1/2" bowl to hold the dip. 
The smaller bowl clips onto the larger bowl with a metal bracket.

Set is in excellent like new condition. I doubt that it was ever even used. Has the original cardboard insert that separates the two bowls. Box is in good condition but there is some minor staining on the end.


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2 Vintage Clear Glass Americola Soda pop bottles (097KC)

This is a pair of Americola 12 oz. Pop bottles. Americola was bottled by Carbonated Beverages, Inc in Detroit in the mid 1960's. Both bottles have the painted on logo, 9 1/2" tall and are in great condition. They each have a small scrape mark on one side and one also as a little dark spot in the word Above.

On the bottom of the bottles is a G in a square. The glassmaker mark for the Glenshaw Glass Company, Glenshaw, PA (1895-2004) next to the mark is 65 Cont 12 FL OZ in the middle and 1933-13. The other bottle is very similar on the bottom. Next to the mark is 66 and the bottom numbers are 1933-14

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Set of 4 Vintage UAW Local 228 Ford Sterling Stamping Plant Drinking Glasses (037SU)

This is a set of UAW Local 228 Ford Sterling Stamping Plant Drinking Glasses.
They are 5 1/2" tall x 2 3/4" wide at the top and hold 12 oz filled to the rim.

Each Glass is different. They have the names of different Committee members & Officials within the Plant, Plant Operating Committee, Bargaining Committee Leadership, Executive Board, Board Members, Trustees, Health & Safety, Quality members, etc.

Glasses are in excellent condition and come in their original box 

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Vintage 1970 Hires Root Beer Bottles w/Caps & Extract Bottle (099CM)

This is two 12 oz empty 1970 Hires Root Beer Bottles with cork lined caps and a 3 oz Hires Root Beer extract bottle.

Bottles are in great condition with no chips, cracks or wear. Bottle caps do have small dents in them from a bottle opener.

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2 McDonald's Great Muppet Caper Miss Piggy Glasses (077CM)

This is a pair of 1981 McDonald's Great Muppet Caper Miss Piggy glasses.
The front side has Miss Piggy riding a Motorcycle and on the back is Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo wearing eyeglass & rubber nose disguises.

Glasses are 5 1/2" high and 2 3/4" wide at the mouth. Both glasses are in excellent condition with no chip's cracks or scratches. Graphics are vivid with no fading.


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Vintage Mammoth Cave Hazel Atlas Souvenir Glasses (029SU)

A great addition to your tourist and souvenir collection. These are 4 Mammoth Cave opaque Souvenir Glasses. 
They are 5" Tall & 2 1/2" wide at the top. They hold just over 10 oz. The yellow & black enameled graphics show Crystal Lake, Ruins of Karnak & the Historic Entrance. 
Made by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company before 1956 based on the H over A mark on the bottom. All 4 are in excellent condition, no chips, nicks or cracks


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Fenton Silver Crest Double Crimped Footed Comport (Compote) (013KG)

This is a Fenton Silver Crest Double Crimped Footed Comport (Compote).
It stands 6 ¼” tall and is approx. 7 ½” across. 
It’s in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs. 
The ware number listed in the Fenton Art Glass book by Margaret and Kenn Whitmeyer is 7429SC



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