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1971 Gnip Gnop by Parker Brothers (425TG)

Gnip Gnop is Ping Pong spelled backwards. 
Players use their paddles to knock ping-pong like balls through the divider into their opponent's side.

Game is 100% complete and in great condition. 
Box also is in very good condition.

The white game hoop arms were broken off & missing. New arms were made and attached to achieve correct height in the playing field. (see photos)

The rules are on the back of the box.

Copyright 1971 by Parker Brothers

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1975 Super MASTER MIND GAME by Invicta (127TG)

This is Super Mastermind . Made by Invicta in 1975. 

A battle of wits and logic between two players. Break the secret code.
Up to 59,000 Permutations.

Game is 100% complete and in excellent condition. 
The only issue is the the box top has a 3/8" x 1 1/4" tear on the box top graphic that was torn but glued down.

Contents include: 
De-coding Board with Shield, 160 Code pegs in six colors, 40 Key pegs - Black & White.

Instructions in 10 different languages.
English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and Italian.

Free Shipping is included for this item in the United States.

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1970 Chips are Down game by Ideal (413TG)

Chips Are Down game by Ideal copyright 1970
Press the lever, chips will fall
Guess more or less, and win them all. 
The object of the game is to collect the greatest amount of chips. This is done by correctly predicting if More or Less chips will fall then the number rolled on the die.

Guess right and you rake in the chips. Guess wrong...you don't collect.

Game is 100% complete including inside cardboard buildups. 
Playing Platform
Rubber Bands 
extras included
50 Chips

Instructions on inside of box top.
Box is in very good condition. Minor shelf wear to edges. One corner had a 1/2 split starting. Is was repaired to keep from spreading.


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Hit-A-Way Personal Baseball Batting Trainer - Reggie Jackson endorsed (430TG)

This is Hit-A-Way, your own personal batting instructor. 

Easily adjustable to hit high, middle or low balls. You can also practice switch hitting. Quickly attaches to any pole or tree. Optional portable pole is available at most sporting good stores & Wal-Mart.

Retails New in stores for $29.95.  This one has been previously bought, opened but never used.

See the video and setup instructions at the Hit-A-Way website.

Hit-A-Way Video
Hit-A-Way setup Instructions

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1977 Boggle The hidden word game (213TG)

Boggle ©1977 by Parker Brothers. An exciting game for 2 to 4 players ages 8 to Adult. A game where you're always looking for that last great word before that sand timer runs out! Fun to search for the longer, higher scoring words. Game is complete and in excellent condition. Box has almost no shelf wear.

This previously played game is in great condition and 100% complete.
This is a great game for kids 8 to 80.

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1974 Jumble word game (313TG)

Jumble the scrambled word game is based on those classic Jumble puzzles that still appear in the newspapers. This is the 1974 version that has 105 two sided Jumble cards (a total of 210 puzzles), 2 pads of two sided Jumble score sheets, Rules & Solutions booklet.

Game is in great condition & 100% complete.

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Twister Moves: the Twist, Dance and Move game (367TG)

Here's a game that is fun and healthy! Twister Moves is a game where you try and follow the moves DJ Ray & Diamond Jay call out. 
It contains 4 Twister Moves mats, 3 Twister Moves CD's and a exclusive Aaron and NickCarter CD and Instructions.

A great game to get the kids up of the couch and enjoy fun physical activity. Game play variations include Line Dance and Party moves. It also is great to use by yourself. I you want to practice some really cool dance moves you can play Twister Moves on your own.

Game is Complete and ready to play the game box is also in very good condition. There is a small dent on the right side of box top and the bottom is slightly indented. For 1 -4 players ages 8 & up. CD player is need to play the game.

Game released by Hasbro/ Milton Bradley in 2003


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1967 On Guard Game by Parker Brothers (464TG)

Made by Parker Brothers in 1967, On Guard is a dexterity game where players depress the levers to tilt the table and negotiate the steel ball through the obstacles towards his opponents goal. 
It can be played by two players, or 4 with players working in teams. 
Game is in excellent working condition and comes with an extra steel ball.

Instructions are a reprint.
Game box has some wear and two split corners were repaired best as possible. 
See photo's

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Desk Darts: Miniature Dart game for a Busy Executive (053aTG)

Desk Darts is a miniature dart board with 3 darts in a pub style cabinet.
It opens to reveal a standard dart game only in miniature.

It's 5"x 7" x1.5". It's the perfect activity for the busy executive who need some relaxation during a busy stress filled workday.

Small enough to fit in a briefcase to take along on those lonely business trips. 

Free Shipping is included for this item in the United States. 

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The Original Rummikub Game (217TG)

Rummikub by Pressman Toy Corp.©1990.

The fast moving rummy tile game for the entire family! Rummikub (Rummy-cube) is played with a set of 106 tiles. If you like the card game Rummy, you will love this game. It's easier than holding up a bunch of cards...same rules and concept. 
Contents include 106 tiles: 26 in 4 colors (2 each 1-13) plus 2 Wild; 4 racks; 8 rack holders (rack legs) and instructions. 
Game is complete and in great condition. Box has a little shelf wear but otherwise in great condition.

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