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Buffy The Vampire Slayer the Game (195TG)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer the game was made by Milton Bradley in 2000 but is now out of print and highly sought after.

The back of the box description is as follows: Into each generation, a slayer is born. One girl, in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to hunt vampires and to stop their spread of evil. Now it's up to you to help Buffy and her friends stop the spread of Evil in Sunnydale! Which villain and his minions will plague the town? The Master? The Judge? The Mayor? Or Adam? Each game recreates one of Buffy's four most exciting challenges... use your own strength and skill to outwit them all! Patrol the board. Collect cards and gain power. Roll dice to fight and cast spells. Finally, rid Sunnydale of Evil to win! But don't slack... or Evil will slay you first..

It's in Great condition, game was inventoried and is 100% complete.
Box is also in great condition just a little shelf wear on the corners. A great game for any Buffy fan.

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Vintage Detroit Toy Works Color Checkers Game (409TG)

Color Checkers is similar to Conventional Checkers but the difference is all moves are determined by the spinning of the color wheel. 

Players place their eight Men heavy end down in the White & Black squares on the first four rows of their side. When a player spins the color wheel, he can only move one of his men to a adjacent square of the same color the wheel stopped on. 
When a player makes it to the other side, the Last row of his opponents side called "Kings Row" His piece becomes a King and is turned upside down so the heavy end is up. When a piece is a King it can move in any direction.

Game is 100% complete. Has 16 wooden men, game board & spinner. Instructions are on the inside of box top. Box has heavy shelf wear. 3 of 4 corners and 2 spots on the edges were split as well as some fraying of some of the box edges. All was repaired as best as possible. 
Corners and edges are now sturdy again.

Graphics on box looks like it was made in the 1930's. There is no issue date on the Game, but a U.S. Patent search on the number 2,720,399 listed on the instructions shows the patent was issued for the spinner mechanism in 1954.

Game was made by Detroit Toy Works 1025 Brush Street, Detroit 26 Mich. 
Today that address appears to be a parking garage according to Google Maps.

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1999 Aggravation Board game (320TG)

The is the classic marble pursuit game. This is the 1999 version by Milton Bradley/Hasbro. This version has a folding board with room for 2-6 players.

Game is 100% complete and in great condition. 

The box has almost no shelf wear.

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1978 Monopoly Deluxe Anniversary Edition (268TG)

This is the 1978 Deluxe Anniversary Edition. It includes a Banker's Tray which is a plastic tray to keep the money & other playing pieces organized. 
The Deluxe Anniversary Edition also comes with 2 extra Tokens a Ship and a Cannon for a total of 10. 
It has a Title Deed Holder and double the Money. 
By Parker Brothers 2 to 10 players. Ages 8 & up.

It's in great condition and 100% complete. It looks if it was rarely if ever played. The Money, Property cards, Community Chest and Chance cards are nice & crisp. 
One corner of the box top was split but repaired. 
Part of paper covering the seam on the game board shows light signs of splitting but I suspect its from being folded for years. (see photos below).

Also included to make game play a little more fun is Monopoly Party decorations. There is a 12" x 10" honeycomb Monopoly train centerpiece, A 5" x 7.1 ft banner, a package of party hats and a package noisemaker blowouts. All packages are unopened and would cost $14.00 if purchased separately.

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1980 Parker Brothers Risk game (293TG)

Conquer the world by gaining control of every territory on the board. It takes a lot of skill and a little luck to do it. Your strategy is important - you can concentrate your armies for a strong defense or make sweeping attacks against your opponents. Deciding how to deploy your forces and when to attack are the crucial elements in your success or failure!

Game is 100% complete and in great shape. Box is in good condition. Box top has a few creases, A small area in the lower center of box top where the graphic has been torn due to the game being taped shut and a stain between the S & K in the large letters on the right.  ©1980 Parker Brothers

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1984 Secret Weapon Board game (418TG)

This is Secret Weapon, a board game by Selchow & Righter in 1984. 
The Mission is to build a Secret Weapon by obtaining the inventor's from the Secret Lab.

For 2-4 agents (Players) age 8 years plus.

Game is in Great condition and 100% complete. Game box is in good condition. No split corners, just some light shelf wear but one edge has a piece of the paper graphic torn off.

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1975 Score Four - three dimensional game (190aTG)

Score Four is a three dimensional game by Lakeside Industries a division of Leisure Dynamics Inc. Minneapolis, Minn. This is the 1975 version.
Stack four balls of a like color in any direction up, across, or diagonally to score. The game is unique as the peg design allows you to build vertically adding a third dimension to the game. 
Game is 100% complete it has 32 dark and 32 light plastic balls, 16 clear plastic rods,  Instructions are printed on the reverse side of the box cover.
Box is in good condition no split corners,  but the edges show some wrinkling and there is a stain on the inside box top Instructions around the word FOUR

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1982 Rubik’s Race game by Ideal (084TG)

This 1982 Rubik's Race game is from Ideal, the makers of the Rubik's Cube. It is for two players and the object is to win the race to copy a random 3x3 square pattern of 9 colored squares by sliding the tiles on your side of the game base.

The game is complete and it great condition, with 48 colored tiles in 6 different colors, 2 filler tiles, scrambler dice shaker with 9 colored cubes and Instructions.  The box is in good condition but there is some shelf wear and a couple of splits were repaired as best as possible to prevent spreading.

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Extreme Labyrinth by Pavilion (269TG)

Here is a unique Labyrinth maze game made by Pavilion in 1999.
Called Extreme Labyrinth it features a raised course the manufacturer describes as a solitaire game of skill.
"Follow the wild and harrowing course around the maze-Jumping moguls and shooting the rapids while trying to keep the ball on track. Speed and control are the essence".
It's 12 3/4"L x 11 1/4"W x 3" Tall. Has both the original steel balls and is in great condition. For ages 6 & Up.

Note: Safety Information

Choking hazard: Contains a small ball which possessives a hazard for small children.

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STAY ALIVE Marble Survival Game (035TG)

"Stay Alive" from Milton Bradley Copyright 1978 You slide the little levers to reveal holes that cause the marbles to drop.  Game is complete, playing field / game board is in perfect condition and has all 20 marbles. Instructions on inside of box top.

Box has some light shelf wear and bottom of the box has some staining where it was taped shut.  

If your into Marble games you won't be disappointed with this one.

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1978 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Board Game (148TG)

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind game by Parker Brothers © 1978 Based on the classic motion picture. Move between Devil's Tower & the Mother Ship. Avoid hidden traps your opponents have set for you. The object is to be the first to place all 5 chips on the board thus completing the mystery 5 note tune.

Game contents are in excellent condition. Box in good condition. Near bottom right corner of cover small slit repaired. Cover & 1 edge has an orange color stain Possibly some kind of tape residue but it's not sticky. One edge has the paper torn off possible was taped at one time. Rest of cover has very little shelf wear.

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Careers by Parker Brothers 1979 Version (089aTG)

This is Parker Brothers Careers game. It is dated 1979
This vintage board game by Parker Brothers is a real hit for families and young adults. 
It features the Occupation paths of SPORTS ~ SHOWBIZ ~ SPACE ~ COLLEGE ~ BUSINESS ~ POLITICS ~ .

Game contents are 100% complete and in excellent condition. Box is also in good sturdy condition with almost no shelf wearThere is a spot on one edge where the graphic has a small tear. The bottom of the game box had a 3" split edge. It was repaired to prevent any further splitting.

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1978 "Bonkers!" game by Parker Brothers (077TG)

This is the game of, “Bonkers!”, it’s zany and unpredictable, and it’s never the same game twice! “Bonkers!”, with it’s twisted track can send you backward to go forward, or forward to go back. The game is surprising because when you play a “Bonkers!” card you change the “Bonkers!” rules. 

You find out each time you roll the dice it’s never the same game twice! 
The object of the game is to be the first player to score 12 points. 
The contents of the game include: 1 Game Board, Instruction Manual, 1 Scoring/Card-Holder Tray, 40 Track Cards, 4 Large ‘LOSE’ Cards, 2 dice, 4 Scoring Pegs, and 4 Playing Pieces. 
 1978 Parker Brothers Division of General Mills Fun Group, Inc. Made in U.S.A. 

The game is in great condition for being 29 years old! The contents are 100% complete and the box is good condition. 2 split corners have been repaired and there is just some very very light staining on the box top.

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1972 "WHODUNIT" Mystery Detective Board Game (395TG)

"WHODUNIT" A Mystery Detective Board Game 1972 by Selchow & Righter. A suspenseful mystery game for super sleuths similar to Clue.

Players snoop through an elegant mansion searching for clues that will identify suspects to the crime. Each player tries to outsmart his opponents and be the first to discover "whodunit". But if a player falsely accuses an opponent he must leave the mansion. At the end, the player with all the correct clues solves the crime and is declared the winner. Includes game board, 1 deck of whodunit cards  1 pad of detective sheets, 20 clues and alibis, 6 pawns, and 2 dice.

Game is iexcellent condition and 100% complete. Instructions are on the inside of game box. Almost no shelf wear to game box. One split corner was repaired and top edge of game box has a tape stain and and a 1/2" tear that was repaired.

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1958 FINANCE game by Parker Brother (088TG)

This is Finance, The Business Trading Game by Parker Brothers. It is a Monopoly type game. "You move around the Board according to the throw of the Dice. Sometimes you buy property, receive a reward, draw a "Chance" card, or "Win the Sweepstakes". At other times you have to pay Rent, Fines or are subject to a Penalty move.....Before long One Player goes bankrupt, rapidly followed by others, and soon One Player owns all the Houses and Lots and wins the game.

Game was inventoried and is 100% complete. Game box also is in great condition with almost no shelf wear.
1958 by Parker Brothers

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The 70's OPOLY a Monopoly type game New! (077TG)

The 70's a game for your generation. The decades... everybody's got a favorite. One that shaped a big part of who they are. One that made them say "Right On!" Was yours the 70's? If so, truck on down memory lane. This is the game for you!
We researched the 70's and found what was fun-what was powerful-what was poignant. As individuals we tried to get in touch with our "inner self" and improve our human potential. As a nation we celebrated our 200th birthday. Gas was rationed, movies shocked, music rocked and women roared. Disco was a noun, a verb, and a mode of dress. Shorts got shorter. Bells got bigger. Cuffs, collars and lapels got HUGE. We slept on water, sat on beans and dashed from point A to point B with no clothes on. We realized the earth needed healing and dedicated a day and a movement to this awareness. During this era we endured the hassles, put on ever optimistic smile and let it all hang out!

Here's a quick idea of how to play the game. Buy property. Collect blocks of time and trade them in for a decade. It sounds easy enough-but you may have to do the Hustle while you wait in line for gas. As you host Saturday Night Live and streak around the board it becomes a little more difficult and a lot more fun! So grab your token and advance to Have a Nice Day. Who knows? You may end up wearing a Leisure Suit... or you may be shaking your booty all the way to the Disco.

Are you looking for a fun way to experience the Seventies? Right On! Here it is! Traditional play or one hour version.
2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. (Includes a SEVENTIES FUN FACTS BOOKLET with a description of each space.)

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1980 Tri-Trac two Player Tactical game by Milton Bradley (369TG)

Tri-Trac is a game to see who can be the first player to complete a path or track between two arrows by maneuvering their triangular playing pieces. 
One player moves the yellow and the other player moves orange-track triangles. The one white-track triangle can be moved by both players. You build the track by adding triangles to your own pieces and to your opponent's.

Game is 100% complete and in great condition. Instructions are on the inside of game box. Game box has almost no noticeable shelf wear.

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1966 Eye Guess Board Game Second Edition by Milton Bradley (326TG)

Bill Cullen Host of the TV game show Eye Guess that ran from January 1966 to September 1969 was a regular presence in more than thirty different network television series, more than any other performer in any genre in the history of television programming.
Some of the Shows include To Tell the Truth, The Price Is Right, 25,000 Pyramid, Name that Tune, The Jokers Wild and many more.

See the Bill Cullen Homepage for more info.

This Eye guess game is the Second Edition of the Home version of the TV show he hosted. The Object is to win Bonus prizes by calling the most Correct numbers under which the answers are hidden.

Game is 100% complete and in good condition. Stop card has some folds it. I recreated one and include it.  The box has just light shelf wear and had 2 split corners that were repaired. All Game sheets and Question book as well as play money are here. Instructions are on the Inside of box top. The first game sheet is wrinkled but still very playable. A nice almost 30 year old game.

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University of Michigan Football Checkers Game (375ATG)

Here's a unique checker game.

It's University of Michigan.

The checker pieces are football helmets.

The Instructions say to begin the game as a Freshman (Without your face mask) Tackle your way across the board, put on your Facemask and you become a Senior. (A King in regular Checkers)

Game is Complete. Game board, Instructions 24 checker pieces 12 University of Michigan Home Helmets & Facemasks and 12 University of Michigan away game Helmets & Facemasks.

Game box is great condition, Almost no shelf wear but there are some issues. A spot  on the side of the box where it says Michigan Checkers by rs the has has some wear and small tape remnants. The bottom of the box had a split on the side but it was repaired as best as possible to ensure box integrity. The last thing is a few of the checker piece helmets have a little wear to the Michigan logo stickers.

Copyright 1994 Big League Promotions Corp.

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1982 Domination game by Milton Bradley (426TG)

As easy as Checkers and as Challenging as Chess.
A Strategy game for 2, 3 or 4 challengers playing individually or for 4 challengers playing in teams of 2. 
Minutes to Learn. Hours to enjoy. Years to perfect. 
That's Domination, the ever-changing strategy game with the unique, stacking, playing pieces.

Each time you play Domination, you'll discover a different strategy… a more effective play.. A new defense… a more successful offense. Stack, attack and control the game board by moving just one playing piece, a whole stack of them or even parts a stack. The choice is yours. Domination lets you decide just how many spaces you wish to move on the game board by allowing you to select the number of playing pieces you wish to move. As a new Domination player, you'll thrill to the game's fast moving, attack and conquer play. As an experienced Domination player, you'll delight in developing complex assault and defense strategies.

Game is 100% complete and game box is also in great condition, just very, very light shelf wear. Copyright 1982 by Milton Bradley.

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