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Vintage 1965 Cadaco Foto - Electric Football Hall of Fame Game (469TG)

This is a 1965 Cadaco  Foto - Electric Football Hall of Fame Game.

It is 100% complete and in very good condition. Minor flaws are general light shelf wear and a few stains on a couple of the white overlays.

Watch a YouTube demonstration of the Game

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Oodles* Game by Milton Bradley (437TG)

Oodlers are cleverly constructed phrases and expressions which you must solve...They are often funny, sometimes baffling and always entertaining. Be the first to correctly answer the last oodler on a card & win that card. First to win 5 cards wins the game.

Game is 100% Complete and includes: 300 two-sided Oodles cards Electronic Oodles Timer/card holder (tested and works!)  Oodles baton and Instructions.
Box is in very good condition,  It just has some minor shelf wear with a small sent on the box top. (see photo's below)

© 1992 Milton Bradley

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1977 Tournament 2000 Pong Game by Unisonic w/Light Gun (471TG)

This is one of those Pong video games that came out in the 1970's.
This one is the 
Tournament 2000 Pong Game by Unisonic which came out in 1977.

This pong game has Tennis, Hockey/Soccer, Practice, Squash, Targets and Skeet's.

Targets and Skeet's uses the light gun which can be used as a pistol or long gun. When in Target or Skeet  mode there is just the white ball moving around the screen. when you shoot & hit the call it beeps letting you know you've scored. It has a 16 ft cable so you can get across the room making it much more difficult.

This game has been tested and works great! The Right and Left controller contacts were cleaned to eliminate any jitter
Does not have the traditional switchbox, but does have an adaptor to hook right into your tv via the screw-in antenna connection.
There are no instructions but it's very easy to figure out. 
Uses 6 C cell batteries 
(not Included)

This is a great example of the first generation of Video games Teen Baby Boomers in the 70's marveled at!

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Plus One Electronic Board game by Milton Bradley (329TG)

Plus One is the four sided electronic computer that remembers every flip & every flop. You and your opponent alternately tumble Plus One down an invisible path on the game board adding one move every turn. The course gets longer and more difficult with every turn! Listen to Plus One's Electronic guiding tones and watch the color caps for clues. Stray from the path and Plus One gives you the "RAZZ" and you have lost. Uses 4 AA batteries.

Game has been tested and works great! The battery cover would not stay latched due to missing plastic latch tooth. A small screw now holds the cover closed. Box is in good condition. Their is a tear in the graphic on the bottom of the box.  
Copyright 1980 by Milton Bradley.

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VTech - Little Smart Smarty a flash card robot (437TG)

This is Little Smart Smarty a flash card robot that teaches everything from shapes, music, colors, letters, money, rhyming and more.

It has 10 activity cards. The cards slide into the belly of the robot.

When the wrong colored button is pressed it buzzes his eyes light up & says "Try Again" when the correct button is pressed his eyes light up in a different pattern & it plays a little tune & says "Terffic". Cards store in a handy compartment on his back.

It stands about 10 3/4" " tall & takes 4 AA batteries
Made by Vtech in 1992. Little Smart Smarty has been thoroughly tested and works great. One rhyming card has a bent corner at the top.

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1980 Electronic Name That Tune by Castle (310TG)

This one of those early electronic music games. Electronic Name That Tune by Castle Toy Co. © 1980

It has 32 Popular songs in the computer memory and has the ability to program in your own songs. It is for two or more players Ages 6 to adult.

Game has been tested and works flawlessly. Also has original play money, Songbook/Instructions an order form for the optional AC adaptor. 
Box has a little wear and some tape stains but still has original Styrofoam packing material. Uses 2 C & 2 9-volt batteries. (Not included)

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