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Austin Powers Trivia Game (373TG)

This is ultimate trivia game for swingers! 
The Austin Powers Trivia Game covers all three Austin Powers Movies. 
The object is to become the Ultimate Secret Agent by becoming the first player to accumulate "One Million" Mojo Points. Points are earned by correctly answering trivia questions.

Game has been opened but never been played and is 100% complete.

The die you role to get Mojo points is still sealed in plastic. Contents of the collectible tin the game comes in includes: 300 question cards (1,500 questions total covering all three movies), 50 Man of Mystery cards 4 category cards, custom die, and Mojo score pad. 
Game was manufactured by USAopoly. Copyright 2002 New Line Productions. 
For 2-4 players ages 13 and up.

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1970 edu-cards Go Together Lotto A Children's Learning Game.. Sealed in Box (421TG)

Go Together Lotto is a object matching game for ages 3 to 8 by edu-cards. Made in 1970.

The box say's Children love to play and find the objects that go-together. Teaches relationships of every-day objects like matching dog with dog houses. Helps children form concepts, use picture clues and remember significant details. A school-approved reading readiness game used in pre-school, Kindergarten and first grade classes.

A great learning tool for small Children!

Game is stil shrink wrapped sealed.

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1987 Wheel Of Fortune game 3rd Edition Never Played! (443TG)

This is the 3rd edition of Wheel Of Fortune the game based on the popular TV game show.

This 1987 game made by Pressman has never been played.

Game pieces are still un punched and others are sealed in plastic. Game box is in great condition just a small dent on the upper left corner
The only thing wrong with this 28 year old game is the upper left corner has a small dent.

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Celebrity Mania Trivia Game (374TG)

Have you ever had trouble remembering a Celebrities name and found yourself describing details about them? For Instance, who they married or dated, films or bands they were in or some physical characteristic that made them famous? 

If so, Celebrity Mania is the game for you. 
Describe a celebrity in 30 seconds or less by writing as many one-word details as you can. You can use the Celebrity Detail book if you need to but the longer you take to look up clues the less time you'll have describing your celebrity. The first person or team to get four of their celebrity disks on the Board. In a Row wins! But… be careful of your opponent's blocking strategy!

This game is 100% complete and never played. The Game Board and Celebrity Disks are still unpunched.

Contents include: Game board, Timer, 2 pencils, 2 writing pads, Celebrity Details book, Instructions and 147 Orange Celebrity Disks, 147 Gold Celebrity Disks. 
(Three Sheets of 49 disks with Orange on one side & Gold on the other)

Game box also looks new with just pencil point size wear spots on the corners. Copyright 1997 Endgame Entertainment Inc.

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1976 Science Fair Electronics Hall of Fame Jigsaw Puzzle Never opened (045EV)

This is a 1976 -160 piece frame tray puzzle from Radio Shack. It's titled Science Fair®Electronic Hall of Fame. 
It shows Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Alva Edison, Samuel F.B. Morse, Gugliemo Marconi, and Lee DeForest and their inventions. 
It's still shrink wrapped sealed and in great condition.

Free Shipping is included for this item in the United States.

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Ed McMahon Guest Host celebrity Talk show game Sealed (262TG)

Guest Host is a quick paced mystery identification game, where anyone can become a host or hostess of their own talk show. Become the first player to reach the desk and become "guest host". The interviewer reads a question from a card. Any active player may shout the identity of the mystery guest You can never be sure of the identity of the mystery guest. Interviews can be with fictional non fictional, past or present guests. The first person to guess the identity of the mystery guest advances 1 space closer to the Guest Host Desk.

For 2 to 8 players ages 12 to adult. Box features Ed McMahon on the cover.

Game is still Shrink wrapped sealed but shrink wrap is torn on bottom

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Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition (301TG)

This 20th Anniversary Edition contains 3,600 all-new questions that celebrate the people & events from 1982-2002.

Game contains the special Anniversary Deluxe card dispenser and has 6 new categories. Global View
The written Word
Sound & Screen
Game Time

Released in 2002 by Hasbro, for 2-6 players or teams. 
Game has been opened but never played. 
2 sets of cards are still sealed and the most pie wedges are still connected to the plastic strip.

Game is 100% complete box has a small amount of shelf wear.

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