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Slush Card Game the ultimate card game (165TG)

This is Slush, the ultimate card game for 1 or 2 players. 88 variations to the game. by Crown Games Inc. © 1980. Game is complete and contains 4 custom made SLUSH decks, 4 score pads, Instructions and 1 pencil. 
Box is nice and sturdy with no split corners but it does have some light staining on the top.

This previously played game is in great condition and complete. This is a great game for kids of all ages.

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Tennis the Smashing Card Game by Parker Brothers (462TG)

Tennis is the 1975 card game by Parker Brothers

From the back of the box
Whether you're a spectator or one of the millions of tennis players . . . this card game is for you. It plays much like the real game of tennis . . . yet the rules are easy enough for a beginner to get into. The game comes with two decks of cards which allow you to duplicate all the basic tennis shots. You even have SMASH and KILL cards for strategically important points. We've also included serve and ball markers, a playing area, rules for singles and doubles matches and lots of built in strategy and fast paced play. Put this together and you've got real tennis tournament action.

Game and game box is in great condition. Game was inventoried and is 100% complete.

Copyright 1975 Parker Brothers

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Vintage Schaper Shake Dice game (422TG)

Here's a nice game from the late 1950's - early 60's. Made by W.H. Schaper Manufacturing Company (best known for their Cootie game)

The game of “SHAKE” consists of a playing field with 36 built-in cubes, blue chips, red chips and 2 dice. Each player tries to complete a row or six numbers in the same line either straight across, up and down, or diagonal from corner to corner.

Game is 100% complete and in great condition. Game box had some spit edges and corners but were repaired as close to original as possible. Game box also has some light soiling on it. Instructions are on the inside of box top.

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Charles H. Goren's Advanced Bridge for One (428TG)

Now the classic game of Bridge can be played by only one player. There are two fascinating and entertaining Bridge games included, with each providing a challenge to the Bridge Player.

Game has been inventoried and is 100% complete. Two complete decks of cards. One Yellow, One Green, Score pad and Vinyl Playing sheet. Instructions are on the inside of box top. Game parts are in Great condition.

Game box had two split corners that were repaired and has just a little shelf wear.

A great game to practice your bridge game skills with.

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Kings in the Corner Card Game (165TG)

Kings in the Corner ©1996 by Jax, Ltd. For 2-6 players, ages 7 to Adult. Each player in this family game has an equal chance to win. Kings go in the corners. Play your cards solitaire fashion and extend your turn as long as you can. Can't make a single play? Pay the pot. First to empty your hand? You win the pot.. plus your opponents' point chips for their unplayed cards? Reach 100 points? You win the game.

Game is 100% Complete and in great condition!

Contents: Custom Playing Cards Custom Playing Chips Unique Fold-Away Control Center Game Instructions

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1966 Rack-O by Milton Bradley (012TG)

This is a Milton Bradley game from 1966 called Rack-O 

Game in Great
 Condition! Almost no shelf wear to the box.
Has all 60 cards & 4 racks and no wear to the cards at all. 

Instructions on Back of Boxtop

Copyright 1966 Milton Bradley. 

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1969 Goren's Rolomatic Bridge Machine Set I for Beginners (424TG)

This is a Milton Bradley game from 1969 called Rolomatic Bridge. 
This is set I for beginners. 
Box says enjoy learning the fundamentals of Bridge all by yourself.

The machine with a simple turn of the wheel shows the correct play card by card.

Includes the instructions which has ddirections for operating the Machine, Lessons in Bridge and Comments on the hands.

Machine is 11 1/4" x 7" x 2" tall includes original instructions and Basic rules for playing Contact Bridge. Everything is in excellent condition. Box game box had 1 spit corner but was repaired.

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1966 Spill & Spell, Parker Brothers Cube Crossword game (429aTG)

This is Spill & Spell the 1966 Parker Brothers 15 Cube Crossword game.

It is 100% complete and in Great Condition! Just a little shelf wear to the game box.

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The classic 14 cube spelling game with 14 wooden letter cubes, Shaker cup, 3-minute sand timer, Score sheets. Instructions on inside of lid. 

Game is 100% complete and in great condition. Box is sturdy with no spit corners or shelf wear..
Small tear on inside where sand timer fits. © 1976 Selchow and Righter

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The Original Rummikub Game (217TG)

Rummikub by Pressman Toy Corp.©1990.

The fast moving rummy tile game for the entire family! Rummikub (Rummy-cube) is played with a set of 106 tiles. If you like the card game Rummy, you will love this game. It's easier than holding up a bunch of cards...same rules and concept. 
Contents include 106 tiles: 26 in 4 colors (2 each 1-13) plus 2 Wild; 4 racks; 8 rack holders (rack legs) and instructions. 
Game is complete and in great condition. Box has a little shelf wear but otherwise in great condition.

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Travel Size magnetic Backgammon game (267TG)

A nice game to take on trips. This Backgammon game is 9" x 14" when opened. It's in perfect condition and is 100% complete. Case covering is made of vinyl the only thing that could be considered a flaw is a mark on the case near the clasp.

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