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Donald Trump Talking Doll (317TG)

Donald Trump is perhaps the world’s most recognizable businessman and now the President. With the success of his TV show "The Apprentice." and his 2005 appearance on the Emmys singing the Green Acres theme song, you could also add President to his resume.
Released in 2004 this 12" tall Talking Donald says 17 phrases. Among them are, "I should fire myself just for having you around", "The one's easy for're fired", "That was a tough one", "Think big and live large", and "I have no choice but to tell you, you're fired". "Stay focused" "Remember the buck starts here!"
This was never taken out of the box so I guess I would call it in Mint Condition and never used.

Note: Since this Item is 15 years, old battery may be dead and in need of replacement.

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1998 Harley Davidson Plush Pig (292TG)

This Harley Davidson Plush Pig stands 9 1/2" inches tall. He's wearing a leather vest and hat in an attempt to be tough like a biker should. But he just looks cute. He looks brand new but his official Harley licensed product ear tag is a little wrinkled. He was made by Play-By-Play Toys & Novelties in 1998.

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1999 Snuggle fabric softener 8-inch Bean Bear (289TG)

This is a 1999  8" SNUGGLE bear. This Cuddly beige spokes-bear for Snuggle Fabric Softener manufactured by Lever Brothers Company was designed by Kermit Love who created the costume of Big Bird for SESAME STREET. It is in excellent Like New condition.

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1970 edu-cards Go Together Lotto A Children's Learning Game.. Sealed in Box (421TG)

Go Together Lotto is a object matching game for ages 3 to 8 by edu-cards. Made in 1970.

The box say's Children love to play and find the objects that go-together. Teaches relationships of every-day objects like matching dog with dog houses. Helps children form concepts, use picture clues and remember significant details. A school-approved reading readiness game used in pre-school, Kindergarten and first grade classes.

A great learning tool for small Children!

Game is stil shrink wrapped sealed.

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1976 Science Fair Electronics Hall of Fame Jigsaw Puzzle Never opened (045EV)

This is a 1976 -160 piece frame tray puzzle from Radio Shack. It's titled Science Fair®Electronic Hall of Fame. 
It shows Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Alva Edison, Samuel F.B. Morse, Gugliemo Marconi, and Lee DeForest and their inventions. 
It's still shrink wrapped sealed and in great condition.

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1956 NABISCO Shredded Wheat Juniors Skill Ball Game (315TG)

This is a Toy premium from NABISCO Shredded Wheat Juniors Cereal.
I believe from 1956.
This game shows a 101st Calvary Trooper with the words Fighting Blue Devils. It is a 1-5/8" tin frame with clear plastic cover and 3 ball bearings you roll around and try to get them to stay in the depressions that are in the stars.
It is in nice condition. There is some wear on the back and the plastic cover is warped.

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Wooden Young Child’s Math & Time Learning Play set (044TG)

This is a cute little play set which is a great tool for teaching your little ones how to count, do basic math and tell time.

It has a wooden abacus on the left, with 4 rows with colored wooden beads to practice counting and a row of wooden blocks with numbers and such to practice basic math skills.
A clock with movable hands to practice your time is on the right, It's 6" high by 8 3/4" wide.

This is a cute and fun way to get you children counting and loving numbers.

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1998 VW Volkswagen New Beetle Diecast Car made by Maisto (176TG)

This 18th scale model of the new style Volkswagen was made by Maisto. Dated 1998 on the bottom of base. Car is 9" long and 4" high. Base is 12" long and it's true to life details include steer able wheels, opening doors, hood, trunk and rubber tires. 2 screws hold it to it's base but can be removed and the car can roll easily on it's tires.

Car is in great shape, no scratches dings or dent's. Spots on car is glare from Flash.Passenger side window has a small smudge that’s noticeable if you hold it to the light just right. A great car at a great price. Buy it to look at or buy if for the grand kids to play with. It's a nice well built metal model like they used to make years ago.


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3 Pound Puppies Pur-r-ries (230TG)

Here are 3 Pound Puppy Pur-r-ries. The larger one is 13 1/2 long measured from nose to tail and the gray one is 8 1/2" the white one is 8" long. They are in nice condition although the large one has some light scratches on the eyes. Perhaps she got them protecting the little ones. They would like to find a new home.

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