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Vintage 1965 Cadaco Foto - Electric Football Hall of Fame Game (469TG)

This is a 1965 Cadaco  Foto - Electric Football Hall of Fame Game.

It is 100% complete and in very good condition. Minor flaws are general light shelf wear and a few stains on a couple of the white overlays.

Watch a YouTube demonstration of the Game

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Extreme Labyrinth by Pavilion (269TG)

Here is a unique Labyrinth maze game made by Pavilion in 1999.
Called Extreme Labyrinth it features a raised course the manufacturer describes as a solitaire game of skill.
"Follow the wild and harrowing course around the maze-Jumping moguls and shooting the rapids while trying to keep the ball on track. Speed and control are the essence".
It's 12 3/4"L x 11 1/4"W x 3" Tall. Has both the original steel balls and is in great condition. For ages 6 & Up.

Note: Safety Information

Choking hazard: Contains a small ball which possessives a hazard for small children.

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STAY ALIVE Marble Survival Game (035TG)

"Stay Alive" from Milton Bradley Copyright 1978 You slide the little levers to reveal holes that cause the marbles to drop.  Game is complete, playing field / game board is in perfect condition and has all 20 marbles. Instructions on inside of box top.

Box has some light shelf wear and bottom of the box has some staining where it was taped shut.  

If your into Marble games you won't be disappointed with this one.

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1972 "WHODUNIT" Mystery Detective Board Game (395TG)

"WHODUNIT" A Mystery Detective Board Game 1972 by Selchow & Righter. A suspenseful mystery game for super sleuths similar to Clue.

Players snoop through an elegant mansion searching for clues that will identify suspects to the crime. Each player tries to outsmart his opponents and be the first to discover "whodunit". But if a player falsely accuses an opponent he must leave the mansion. At the end, the player with all the correct clues solves the crime and is declared the winner. Includes game board, 1 deck of whodunit cards  1 pad of detective sheets, 20 clues and alibis, 6 pawns, and 2 dice.

Game is iexcellent condition and 100% complete. Instructions are on the inside of game box. Almost no shelf wear to game box. One split corner was repaired and top edge of game box has a tape stain and and a 1/2" tear that was repaired.

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1966 Eye Guess Board Game Second Edition by Milton Bradley (326TG)

Bill Cullen Host of the TV game show Eye Guess that ran from January 1966 to September 1969 was a regular presence in more than thirty different network television series, more than any other performer in any genre in the history of television programming.
Some of the Shows include To Tell the Truth, The Price Is Right, 25,000 Pyramid, Name that Tune, The Jokers Wild and many more.

See the Bill Cullen Homepage for more info.

This Eye guess game is the Second Edition of the Home version of the TV show he hosted. The Object is to win Bonus prizes by calling the most Correct numbers under which the answers are hidden.

Game is 100% complete and in good condition. Stop card has some folds it. I recreated one and include it.  The box has just light shelf wear and had 2 split corners that were repaired. All Game sheets and Question book as well as play money are here. Instructions are on the Inside of box top. The first game sheet is wrinkled but still very playable. A nice almost 30 year old game.

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1967 Avanté board game - Checkers & Gin Rummy Combined! (081TG)

This is a vintage board game called Avanté from Fyanes - games of distinction.
Dated 1967. Avante` is a combination of checkers and gin rummy - you make the moves of checkers to capture card symbols that make up your "hand" - Avante` goes above and beyond either game, with intriguing new rules and plays, that make a lively contest. Avante` has lifelong interest built in. 

The box has almost no wear, and game is complete. 
For being 48 years old it is almost like new condition. Great addition to your collection


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SongBurst Country Western Edition (285TG)

This is SongBurst the Country Western Edition. Made by Hersch & Company in 1993. It's the 'complete-the-lyric game'. A fast-paced, fun way to relive the unforgettable times and tunes of County Western music.

Game includes, Instructions, black, gold, and platinum record discs (8 each color); gameboard, three blank dice (black, white and yellow), trivia cards with song lyrics. Game is 100% complete and in great condition.  

Box has no shelf wear.

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1967 On Guard Game by Parker Brothers (464TG)

Made by Parker Brothers in 1967, On Guard is a dexterity game where players depress the levers to tilt the table and negotiate the steel ball through the obstacles towards his opponents goal. 
It can be played by two players, or 4 with players working in teams. 
Game is in excellent working condition and comes with an extra steel ball.

Instructions are a reprint.
Game box has some wear and two split corners were repaired best as possible. 
See photo's

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All Wood 3 In 1 Labyrinth maze game (342TG)

Here is a unique Labyrinth maze game distributed by the Dayton Hudson Corporation in 1997.
3 in 1 Labyrinth features 3 interchangeable games. Obstacle maze game, Baseball and Golf.

It's 8" L x 8" W x 2 1/4" Tall. Game is in excellent Condition and comes with 2 steel balls.
Box has some shelf wear.

Note: Safety Information
Choking hazard: Contains a small ball which is a hazard for small children.


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All Wood Labyrinth maze game w/2 Boards (150TG)

Here is a unique Labyrinth maze game
This game features 2 interchangeable game boards.

Obstacle Maze game and Baseball.

It's 12 3/4" L x 11 1/2" W x 3 1/4" Tall.
Game is in excellent Condition and comes with 2 chrome balls.

Note: Safety Information
Choking hazard: Contains small balls which is a hazard for small children.


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Family Ties Board Game (390TG)

You are one of the Keatons, trying to surprise the rest of the family by having a family portrait taken. To do it you have to get all the family members together, and have $100 in savings to pay the photographer. Getting everyone together isn't easy, As soon as you talk to one family member into showing up, another may run out to a rock concert, or to the Stock market or to watch the filming of a public TV documentary. Saving $100 is never easy...and then there is Skippy, the neighbor who considers himself a part of the family and wants to be in your portrait....With a little luck, skill, and strategy, you just might work it out.

Contents includes: Gameboard, 6 Keaton family pawns (Steven, Elyse, Alex, Jennifer, Mallory, and Andrew), 2 six-sided dice, 49 Say Cheese cards (8 of each Keaton character and Skippy), 40 Don't Blink cards, play money, and instructions.

Game is 100% complete box top has almost no shelf wear but is slightly indented. Copyright 1985,1986 Paramount Pictures made by Applestreet Inc. 1987

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Land Of the Lost board Game (355TG)

This is the 1992 Land Of the Lost board Game released by Tiger Toys.

Scarface the Ferocious T-Rex is chasing you!  Escape thro the Time-Portal! Dangerous Sleestake await at every turn! The game is based on the story line from the 1970's Saturday morning TV show.

Game is 100% complete and in very good condition.  There is very light shelf wear to the game box but there were two splits that were repaired. The cards and game board are in great condition. The game pieces, Tom, Christa, Kevin, Anne, Tasah, Stink & Scarface are in good condition but some the Tom & Kevin pieces have some creases.  

Instructions are on the inside cardboard buildup. Copyright 1992 Kroft Entertainment.

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Enjoy chasing Beanies Babies whenever you want with what has become a controversial game that TY Inc. forced the Games creator to stop selling.

It's complete and in great condition. 


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