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The Wizard of Oz Trivia Game (274TG)

Here's a great trivia game for family or friends. The Wizard of Oz Trivia Game released by Pressman in 1999. 
The game comes in a nice 11 1/2" tin. Game has 1250 Trivia questions 250 especially for kids. 50 Classic Picture Cards, 6 Emerald City movers, rainbow arcs, game diegameboard and Instructions.

Question categories include: 
BLUE - Lines & Dialogue 
RED - Characters
GREEN - Odds & Ends
YELLOW - Behind The Scenes
PURPLE - Land Of Oz

Game has been inventoried & is 100% complete and in Like New Condition!

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Sex and the City Trivia Game (385TG)

The first true comedy about love, sex and relationships, the HBO critically acclaimed and award-winning series Sex and the City is now a Trivia Game. The show's six seasons of humor, glamour and friendship, not to mention cosmopolitans and designer shoes, is the basis for this unique trivia game that is anything but trivial!

Answer trivia questions, act out different scenes, collect lifestyle cards, and enjoy a night of "girl talk" in Sex and the City style! Contents include the deck of Sex And the City Trivia cards that has 1000 questions about your favorite TV series. A deck of Lifestyle cards, one die and Instructions in a Tin game box.

For 2 or more adult players ages 18 & Up. Made by Cardinal Industries, Inc under License from HBO copyright 2004

Game is 100% complete and in Like new condition.

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Homer Simpson Trivia Game (386TG)

This is the Homer Simpson Trivia Game! It comes in a Collectable tin is shaped like Homer's head with his handsome face on it!

Everybody knows that Homer has only two hairs on the top of his head (d'oh!) But do you know why he lost most of his hair? Or why his frumpy, old maid of a sister-in-law Selma has no sense of smell or taste? No? Well, don't fret like that pansy Flanders! 

nside this tin are lots more questions about Springfield's number one father, Homer. You can compete with your friends, or other Simpson fans. 
See who knows more about Homer (and what's more important than that?). It's more fun that 'Deviled-egg Nite' at Moes Tavern!

Contains 200 cards with 1,000 questions about Springfield's number one father! 
25 Homer's Favorite Stuff Cards1 six sided die with symbolsThe sides have images of Mr. Burns, Moe, Kruysty, Chief Wiggum, Apu, and Bart. 
1 Numbered list of all 286 with the silhouette poster on reverse side and 1 full color poster of the 286 characters, instructions.

Game has been inventoried and is 100 % complete. Tin is in great condition also no dent's or scratches.  Copyright 2001 by Cardinal Industries.

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The Simpson's Trivia Game (365TG)

Who doesn't love the Simpson's? Here's your chance to test your knowledge of this longest running cartoon series in the history of televisions.

This is the Simpson's Trivia game. Released in 2000 by Cardinal Industries the game contains 200 trivia card with 5 levels of difficulty 800 questions in all.
Two posters one silhouette and one Color with 256 characters that have appeared on the show used in the game. The silhouette poster has a numbered list of characters on the back.
It includes a six sided die with show characters. Also a page of 125 quotes and the instructions and 2 pages that have instructions that are in English & French.

Game has been inventoried and is 100 % complete. It comes in a odd shape tin as opposed to a cardboard box. Tin is in great condition also no dent's or scratches.

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Austin Powers Trivia Game (373TG)

This is ultimate trivia game for swingers! 
The Austin Powers Trivia Game covers all three Austin Powers Movies. 
The object is to become the Ultimate Secret Agent by becoming the first player to accumulate "One Million" Mojo Points. Points are earned by correctly answering trivia questions.

Game has been opened but never been played and is 100% complete.

The die you role to get Mojo points is still sealed in plastic. Contents of the collectible tin the game comes in includes: 300 question cards (1,500 questions total covering all three movies), 50 Man of Mystery cards 4 category cards, custom die, and Mojo score pad. 
Game was manufactured by USAopoly. Copyright 2002 New Line Productions. 
For 2-4 players ages 13 and up.

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire Trivia game by Pressman (354aTG)

Based on the game Show hosted by Regis Philben. 

Now you can be the one to say 'Is that your final answer?' 
Each player gets a turn to act as host while the other players try to win more and more money by answering questions using their own hand-held card consoles.

Game is 100% complete includes: 1000 Cards
5 question & answer card consoles
Lots of money
15 Lifeline tokens and Instructions Ages: 12 & up

For 2 to 5 players or teams Game is complete and in great condition the Game box has a little shelf wear but is still sturdy with NO split corners. Great Family or Party game. is 100% complete and in great condition.

Game produced by Pressman under license from Celador International Ltd. ©2000

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Celebrity Mania Trivia Game (374TG)

Have you ever had trouble remembering a Celebrities name and found yourself describing details about them? For Instance, who they married or dated, films or bands they were in or some physical characteristic that made them famous? 

If so, Celebrity Mania is the game for you. 
Describe a celebrity in 30 seconds or less by writing as many one-word details as you can. You can use the Celebrity Detail book if you need to but the longer you take to look up clues the less time you'll have describing your celebrity. The first person or team to get four of their celebrity disks on the Board. In a Row wins! But… be careful of your opponent's blocking strategy!

This game is 100% complete and never played. The Game Board and Celebrity Disks are still unpunched.

Contents include: Game board, Timer, 2 pencils, 2 writing pads, Celebrity Details book, Instructions and 147 Orange Celebrity Disks, 147 Gold Celebrity Disks. 
(Three Sheets of 49 disks with Orange on one side & Gold on the other)

Game box also looks new with just pencil point size wear spots on the corners. Copyright 1997 Endgame Entertainment Inc.

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SongBurst Country Western Edition (285TG)

This is SongBurst the Country Western Edition. Made by Hersch & Company in 1993. It's the 'complete-the-lyric game'. A fast-paced, fun way to relive the unforgettable times and tunes of County Western music.

Game includes, Instructions, black, gold, and platinum record discs (8 each color); gameboard, three blank dice (black, white and yellow), trivia cards with song lyrics. Game is 100% complete and in great condition.  

Box has no shelf wear.

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1992 Paramount Pictures CHEERS Board Game where you are TV Cast of Sam, Rebecca, Carla, Norm, Woody, Cliff, Frasier & Diane. The game of Zany Notes & Quotes from the hit TV show! Game is 100% complete and is great condition. Box has very slight shelf wear, bottom left corner has a dent. Contents include:

1 Game Board (identical to CHEERS Tavern Floor Plan)
1 Plastic Spinner
1 Printed Spinner Board
8 Character Pawns
8 Free Turn Chips
32 Wooden Nickels
1 Card Tray
500 Napkin Trivia Cards
50 Normism Coaster Cards
50 Cliffism Coaster Cards

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