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1960's Yashica Minimatic C 35MM Camera w/Case & Flash


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This is a Yashica Minimatic C 35MM rangefinder the Camera was made by Yashica between March 1961 through March 1966.
This is another camera from my uncles estate, it was his father-in-laws.
It was originally purchased 1/7/1966.
It seems to me advanced for its time. In the viewfinder it has a little box that when it's in focus is lined up and has a early type of light meter called the Exposure Warning indicator. A bar in the top part of the view finder that shows when you have over/under exposure or correct exposure. (See photo's from manual below)

It also has a little Gold Crest flash that is in a vinyl case attach to the strap. I'm pretty sure it uses AG-1 Flash Bulbs. I have other bulbs M2 & No.5's but their round base doesn't fit. It has a Yashica Yashinon 1:2.8 f = 45 mm lens and has settings for Auto Bulb, from F2.8 to 22 and focuses from infinity to 2.6 ft.
It comes with the Camera Case Lens cap, Instruction booklet and Flash.
The camera works great. The only flaws are the numbers etched into the bottom near the button to open the back and the vinyl backing where the back opens is starting to peel a bit.
A Great 30+ year old camera that I'm sure will take Great photo's for years to come!



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